The Sound Sanctum, a Safe Space in which to Open your Heart and Discover your Soul Journey.

Ground yourself then reach upwards where The Universal Consciousness is Limitless and where every possibility exists.

Here, intuitively and at your own pace, is where to Start Your Journey through Sound & Vibrational Manifestation.

I am your Intuitive Vibrational Facilitator, here to guide you and help you Open that Door within yourself so you discover whatever you need to Live Your Path and Allow your Soul Seed to Germinate and Grow. We are All so much more than we know.

Our Soul Purpose

Since the Beginning of Time Ancient Cultures have spoken about and passed down their Stories of Creation, Purpose, Transformation and Healing through Vibrational Sound.  Some talk of how the World was “Sung into Being” by the ✨ Stars, or Whales ?.  The Mayans depicted The Drum as a Gift. The Womb of the Mother for all Mankind.  Almost all belief systems incorporate Instruments such as Gongs, Chimes, Bells, Drums, Singing Bowls and incorporated them along with  Voice, Toning, Mantras and Song into the Living Mindful Fabric of Belief across the Globe.

Aborigines who have existed 40,000 years upon the Earth use Vibrational Sounds like those of the Digeredoo to heal sickness, even broken bones.  Humans likely used Drumming as a form of Communication long before we spoke.  Some Animals, Birds and Insects may communicate alarm of attack or mating ritual by tapping or stamping. 

Vibrational Sound is used in Prayer, Chant, Song, to bring the feeling of Peace and Well Being to all Life on Earth. Everything in existence from the Stars in our Galaxy and those beyond on down to our humble selves, every animate and inanimate object has its own Vibrational Frequency. When we say we resonate with someone or something we are saying we’re on the same “Wavelength” in other words similar Vibration or Frequency.

Our physical make up of 70% Water allows us to perfectly receive The Vibrational Frequencies of Sound.  Our forefathers knew this innately and we are just on the Cusp of Rediscovery! Let us Raise Our Vibration collectively and individually to be In Tune with our Universe and our Soul Purpose.