Simply Amazing

My sound bath with Annette was simply amazing. Annette intuitively knew what sounds are beneficial to me. During the first gong I visualised many different animals from a whale and a lion through to a giant bee and humming bird.  When listening to the other instruments I was taken away to Africa, India and Ancient Egypt.  At the end of the session I felt that I had slept for a week and was extremely relaxed. Annette said that I looked years younger!


Sara Shebear


Beautiful Sound Bath, took me to Other Worlds and left me feeling much more relaxed. E.A.


Mesmerising Sound

I’ve had a few Sound Baths with Nettie.  It’s such a wonderful experience and uniquely different each time.  Once flooded with the mesmerising sound of the Gongs I was transported to a place much higher than our earthly realm.  Each instrument brought me to a Vibrational Journey.  I was left feeling relaxed yet invigorated.  I would certainly recommend this wonderful Sound Bath to anyone. Gill Higgins

Gill Higgins

Wow what an Experience!

Loved my very first experience of Sound Bath with Netty.  I didn’t know what to expect, but WOW what an experience it was. It took me into a deep, relaxed, calm state that I’d not been able to experience before, the music, the beats, the rhythm washed over me and through my body to my core.  Netty has such a wonderful calm, loving warmth about her making you feel totally at ease to let go and embrace the experience.  Kelly B.

Kelly B.

Beautiful Combination of Sounds

I experienced a Sound Bath one afternoon in Netty’s studio.  It was a beautiful combination of sounds from amazingly unique instruments accompanied with singing. I felt vibrations go through my body and fell into a very relaxing sort of trance.  That night I slept very deeply.  I highly recommend this Sound Bath experience to everyone.  Esther T.

Esther T.

Recharged, Refocused, Invigorated, Alive

I visited the Sound Sanctum last year quite unaware of what to expect.  I immediately felt at ease.  Netty explained that every session is individual depending on what the Soul needs at that time.  For me the Gong played a major role, I work with the Cabala and for me it was a profound experience in that I recognised familiar landmarks on the Tree of Life with different vibrations.  For me it was enlightening and exactly what I needed.  I came away feeling recharged, refocused, invigorated, alive, refreshed with a grin on my face that lasted for days.  Beautiful place and beautiful soul. ?xxx Cathy Stronach

Cathy Stronach

Welcoming, Intuitive & Personalised

Netty offered a very welcoming, intuitive and personalised Sound Bath using a great variety of instruments and voice.  I felt she was attentive, connected and present guiding the sounds which allowed me to delve deep within.  Sadie x.


Opened up my Mind

My first Sound Bath opened up my whole mind into a new and different place.  Each time has shown me something new.  All I can say is thank you. M.J.


Made me less Anxious

Thank you for the Sound Bath Annette.  It really soothed my Soul and made me less anxious.  It really helped bring balance to my energies & I’m very grateful.  With universal love. Adrian M.

Adrian M.

Genuine, Authentic, Compassionate

If you are fortunate enough to be a participant at one of Netty’s Sound Baths you will be sharing the most genuine, authentic, compassionate connection with your creative and gentle being.  The many extraordinary and beautiful instruments soothe, comfort and enlighten our tired self.

You are supported and magically placed where you can rest deeply.  Netty is intuitive and thoughtful in her guidance and awareness and is truly gifted.  It is an honour to be invited within the space she offers.  Tara H.

Tara H.

Passion and Knowledge

Having attended a 1 to 1 Sound Bath with Netty I was blown away with this lovely lady’s passion and knowledge about her collection of truly beautiful instruments.  I was amazed how powerful, yet gentle and relaxing at the same time, the treatment was and came away feeling refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated yet calm and tranquil at the same time.  I would thoroughly recommend Netty and the inspirational journey.  Sue Falber

Sue Falber

Moving & Emotional

Moving & Emotional   Thank you so much Netty for the most wonderful Taster Sound Bath Session at The Chilterns MS Centre recently.  Receiving each individual sound invoked a different feeling, vision or memory, which was a very moving emotional and healing experience for me.  I found the unfamiliar sound of the Shruti Box, accompanied by your amazing, melodic and powerful singing, particularly mesmerising and totally encompassing.  Being enveloped in vibrational music was a new experience for me and one which I hope to repeat at your Fundraising Event in September.  I wish you every success with TheSoundSanctum and thank you again for giving that day.  Lisa P.

Lisa P.

Working on All your Senses, Beyond Hearing

I have visited Annette a few times in the past two years in her pleasant studio situated in a beautiful conservatory and every Sound Bath was better than the one before.  These treatments are very relaxing; they help me to overcome stress in my everyday life and they become a supportive element to improve my mood and maintain my body-mind, body-environment and energetic balances.  Annette uses a variety of tools – from stones to gongs – working on all your senses, beyond hearing.  It involves sight, smell touch and the sense of space.  Each time she creates an innovative, tailor-made treatment that takes you into an ambient journey  of inner-healing.  She also talks to you before and after each Sound Bath to better understand your needs and to make sure the best possible treatment is given to you.  Annette is so lovely and professional, I have already scheduled my next Sound Bath with her, can’t wait!  Dr. Berman T.

Dr. Berman T.

Magical. It touched my Soul.

I loved the Sound Bath you gave us at Wild Words and Wisdom last year and I found it Magical.  lt touched my Soul and I really connected with the Angels that night.  I have found that I can hear the Angels sing, but when a Sound Bath is involved I really connect with the heavenly choir.  Thank you for opening that door for me.  I will certainly spread the word and would love to talk to you about one to one sessions. Mignon S.

Mignon S.

Immersed in a Healing Pool of Sound

Immersed in a healing pool of sound, Netty’s intuitive playing transports you to a timeless place where you can permit yourself to open up and release accumulated tensions and emotions in a safe and protected space.  I have no hesitation in recommending the gentle power of the sound bath.  Michael B.

Michael B.

Relaxing & Soothing

I have known Annette for some time.  She is fun, friendly and her interest in spiritual well being is inspirational.  I have experienced Annette’s Sound Baths over several years and find them relaxing, soothing and would recommend them to anyone.  Simon G. & Peter V.

Peter suffered brain damage a few years ago.  When he came to try Annette’s Sound Bath he was a bit skeptical at first but at the first sounds he relaxed and the constant fidgeting of his right hand stopped while he relaxed deeply.  Each time he heard a new instrument his eyes opened slightly but when he saw us around him he relaxed again.  He certainly wants to experience this again.  Peter V. with Simon G.


Simon G. & Peter V.

Peace, Love & A Sense of Freedom Enveloped Us

I along with my son Kojo were lucky enough to have experienced 1-2-1 Sound Bath Experiences with Netty both in her house and ours.  Each time a feeling of Peace, Love and a sense of Freedom enveloped us both.

On one particular occasion, we each received an individual session with the wooden Heart Sounding Bowl outside in Netty’s garden under the Apple Tree there.  Kojo was overcome as he laid his hands around the bowl resting on his lap, while he sat in his wheelchair and Netty played.  He felt the vibrations through his legs right down to his feet into the earth and from his hands up his arms up his spine and into his head.  I remember he said he felt he was sitting on the sand hearing & feeling the healing waves come in.  For Kojo, out of all the instruments, this was the most unique experience.  For me, it was the Sound of the Angelic Harp that made my Soul Dance with my Loved ones in Heaven.

I believe that Sound is a Healer and I am so grateful to Netty for assisting in the healing of my son by opening that pathway to Vibrational Sound for him.

Zahra & Kojo

Zahra & Kojo van Lare