I have visited Annette a few times in the past two years in her pleasant studio situated in a beautiful conservatory and every Sound Bath was better than the one before.  These treatments are very relaxing; they help me to overcome stress in my everyday life and they become a supportive element to improve my mood and maintain my body-mind, body-environment and energetic balances.  Annette uses a variety of tools – from stones to gongs – working on all your senses, beyond hearing.  It involves sight, smell touch and the sense of space.  Each time she creates an innovative, tailor-made treatment that takes you into an ambient journey  of inner-healing.  She also talks to you before and after each Sound Bath to better understand your needs and to make sure the best possible treatment is given to you.  Annette is so lovely and professional, I have already scheduled my next Sound Bath with her, can’t wait!  Dr. Berman T.

Working on All your Senses, Beyond Hearing