16 July 2020

Today had been a grey almost rainy day. Then this evening the sun made a bright evening appearance and I opened up the windows inside TheSoundSanctum allowing the Air and Light inside. I wanted to thank Mother Earth and Life sustaining Sun, so I played grounding myself with the Earth Gong and sending my Gratitude to the Sun via the Wind Gong. Enjoy.

Note: You will need to use earphones if using a handheld device such as iPhone or Smartphone.

Earth & Wind Gongs

7th July 2020

Today I decided to play a Power Meditation using the 38 inch Symphonic Gong as well as the 80 cm Chau Gong. I also used a medium sized crystal Singing Bowl and my Hapi Drum (a metal tongue drum) and finished with the Sufi Saphir Chime. I played for a lady and her dog both of whom fell asleep during this 20 minute recording totally relaxed.

Note: You will need to use earphones if using a handheld device such as iPhone or Smartphone.

Symphonic & Chau Gongs

3rd July 2020

This 40 inch (110cm), Feng “Wind” Gong is the largest of the 5 Gongs that currently live with me. You will need earphones to listen to this recording at your chosen volume if using a Smart Phone or iPhone. Namaste.

Feng (Wind) Gong

26th June 2020 – A Few Words

A few days ago I wrote down some words given to me.

The River – written 20.6.2020

The River within me,
The River around me,
We are One.

We Flow together,
Swirling Together

We are Nourished,
Warmed & Cooled

We are One
As we Move,
Heat, Cool,

All the Heavens,
The Earth,

Are Woven As
The One
We Are.

(c) 2020 Annette Abraminko

Mermaid to Child – written 22.6.2020

I lay me down to Sleep,
Inside the Ocean Deep

Dissolve my Soul,
Open my Head

Let my Thoughts Go
Float around my Bed.

I lay me down to Sleep,
Spread Wide my Wings

Inside the Ocean Deep,
While my Heart she Sings

Lullabies to my Child
Inside my Chest

Notes that do Smile
Allow me to Rest

I lay me down to Sleep,
Allow my Inner Child Play

Inside the Ocean Deep,
I Dissolve slowly Away

In my Place She Stands,
So much Wiser the I

She takes both my Hands
We Dance the Night Away

Under Sparkling Stars Above,
Sprinkling us with Golden Love.

(c) 2020 Annette Abraminko

16th April 2020

The Healing Sounds of Birdsong and Chimes in the Wind (below)

Chimes and Bird Song