On this page you will find my “Corona Gifts” which I started sharing in March when Lockdown began. They are for you to Relax to, Enjoy and to Share. They are all Public on YouTube. If you wish, you may freely subscribe to hear everything on this page and receive future offerings.


Chimes & Birdsong – TheSoundSanctum
Monochord – TheSoundSanctum
Crystal Harp/Quarzophone ` TheSoundSanctum
Angelic Harp – TheSoundSanctum
Sounding Heart Bowl – Yewen Great Heart
Sansula, Zaphir Chimes & Water Tower – TheSoundSanctum
Lyre Sounding Bowl – TheSoundSanctum
Large Wind Chimes & Other Instruments
Chakra Singing Bowls – TheSoundSanctum
Singing Bowls & Birdsong – TheSoundSanctum
Concert Monochord and Birdsong – TheSoundSanctum