I along with my son Kojo were lucky enough to have experienced 1-2-1 Sound Bath Experiences with Netty both in her house and ours.  Each time a feeling of Peace, Love and a sense of Freedom enveloped us both.

On one particular occasion, we each received an individual session with the wooden Heart Sounding Bowl outside in Netty’s garden under the Apple Tree there.  Kojo was overcome as he laid his hands around the bowl resting on his lap, while he sat in his wheelchair and Netty played.  He felt the vibrations through his legs right down to his feet into the earth and from his hands up his arms up his spine and into his head.  I remember he said he felt he was sitting on the sand hearing & feeling the healing waves come in.  For Kojo, out of all the instruments, this was the most unique experience.  For me, it was the Sound of the Angelic Harp that made my Soul Dance with my Loved ones in Heaven.

I believe that Sound is a Healer and I am so grateful to Netty for assisting in the healing of my son by opening that pathway to Vibrational Sound for him.

Zahra & Kojo

Peace, Love & A Sense of Freedom Enveloped Us