At The New Age Fair

Energy charging about the room
Pulling, pushing up & down
As if upon the side of a Womb
A babies head about to Crown
Voices Ringing
Bowls Singing
People Hearing
Hearts Bursting
Souls Nearing
Minds Thirsting

So many ways to Find
The answers of our Hearts
Yearning, Burning
Some Powerful, Gentle and Kind
Others Loud & Rich with Crafts
Honouring & Promising
A Peace
To Seep
In Deep

The vibrant colours Race
Accelerating, exploding,
Glowing Filling every crevice & Space
Within & between us all Knowing
Chakras Filling
Energy Flowing
Root to Crown
Up & Down
Light Pulsation
High Vibration
Heart Open
Soul spoken

Annette Abraminko (c) 2012