Birthday Girl – Little Angel Simone Joy

You cry you laugh
You are much faster
Than me by half
At one year old a
Master Of truth

Your deep brown eyes
They shine and glisten
Smiling even wise
They seem to listen
To us

Your little frame
Houses your soul
A bright flame
In the universe

I knew you at birth
You are unique
Your work on Earth
Is to speak

I can’t wait to hear 
What you have to say
It will become clear
Soon on such a day
As this

You are the conduit
Between your parents
A healing spirit
Giving them strengths
To live by

Others will listen too
Your gift is hope
Your light is new
A song with a note
So bright

It hits a cord in all
Our hearts and sings
New vibrations call
Upon the wings
Of Angels

Your colour is golden
The colour of love Divine
Your role is written
It flows down in time

Let it flow
Let it flow
Let if flow
Little Angel

I love You

Annette Abraminko (c) 2012