Courage & Meaning – For Anna

Courage! Be Bold!
Like setting sail on New Oceans
Tack and Hold
Thru’ the Storm of your Emotions 
Hold Steadfast
You are shown how
To Forgive the Past
And Live the Now

You will flourish and grow
Your Inner Truth prevail
Your Inner Light you know
Is the wind inside the Sail
That propels you onward
Through the Pain
Having given so much
You have much to gain
Truth is how
To live the Now

No longer afraid
No longer made
To Quake
No pounding fear
You can be clear
And Awake

You shall smile another day
Share in a kind and loving way
A life of Beauty and Grace
Now that you have the Faith
To Stand and Face
Your Daemon dark
Watch it fade to leave space 
So you may ‘Live’ the Spark 
Of the Love left in its place

Annette Abraminko (c) 2012