Dream Painter – For Christine T.

In her Dream
She is beauty, passion, emotion
She sees the colours live so bright
The oils in glorious motion
Live upon her canvas at night
The brush moves
The colours breathe
The picture lives
With such ease

Green for Life upon the Earth she loves
The Blue so piercing in the sky
Creamy white for the Wings of Doves
Bright yellow the sun to which they fly
She dresses Nature Fair

She brings forth Life
A woman with raven hair
A man to whom she is the wife
Children laughing, playing near
She paints their Love of Life

Even though she knows their lives
She yearns and longs and strives
To fill the Need to Master
Time which runs faster
Than her will to paint
Because they live there
And she lives here
Yet in her dreams
Flows The Art
Created by visions
Within her Heart

The colours are listening
They swirl & live & curl
Sumptuous and glistening
Like dew upon the grass
They are Holy
A Perfect Pearl
Created only
By the Artist

It is the Art for which she Thirsts
It is within her Dreams they fill
Her Heart till it feels it must burst
There, where her Life feels not Time
There, where her Art may grow
Allowing her to breathe sublime
Colour and Form and feel Whole

Annette Abraminko (c) 2012