Moor Stones & Beads – For Katrina

In the window an array of Design
Stones crafted in splendour Shine
Wise or Ancient some

Each and every tiny Bead
Its shape and colour a Seed
Of Hope & Healing

Each time you a stone Caress
Its Energy expands in Gentleness
Which you, yourself Become

It opens up your Heart
You are giver of The Craft
The Teacher of its Meaning

I passed by your shop Today
To buy the Hearts on Display
And Hug you for a Reason

The Moor Stones & Beads
Are the Gifts and Seeds
Of A Sacred Yearning

We are sometimes guided by a Gift 
To Light another’s Way and Lift 
A Truth come into Season

Heed your Hands and Heart
Embrace, Love & Live the Start
Of what your Soul is Learning

Annette Abraminko (c) 2012