The Peace

It hurts being stabbed
And bleeding out
Held and grabbed
With words that shout
In Silence

With one hand
I stem the blood
Trying to expand
The space you flood
With Hate

I call my Angel above
To guide me through
I stand fast with Love
Send pink light to you
Not Violence

It is a giving and taking
Courage to walk the light 
Path of love’s waking
To stand firm in the fight
Then Wait

Allow the peace
To break through
And gently release
The love in you
It is a Gift

Give it freely
Receive with grace
Bring the healing
Into your space
Your soul will lift
Be held and rocked to sleep
Among bright stars studding
The dark blue velvet deep
A Universe, growing, budding

In Womb





Annette Abraminko (c) 2012