Oh Angel of Heaven
You gave me my voice
You made the bread leaven
And gave me the choice
To Be
At One
With Me
At One
With my Word

You gave me the words to say
On paper in rhyme
You showed me the way
Thru’ space and time
To Be
At One
With me
At One
To be heard

I am so humbled by the Gift
You planted in my heart
To share and help and lift
Others away from the start
Of Despair
Out of the Dark
Because you pour Light
Into my Heart

Infinity like a never ending Wind
Blows thru’ and around Me
Cleansing me of my Sin
Allows my blind soul to see
Light and Love
So pure
From you above
I can endure

The Future
The Past
& what Is
To Last

Annette Abraminko (c) 2012