Window Sill Roses 

For Mary B.

Windowsill roses
Dogs with wet noses
Damp with drizzle
Lunch on the sizzle

At the Grain Store
Men having a jaw
While Mary and me
We drink our tea
Smile and chat
About this and that
Land Girl Tales
And of our Males

Countryside green
Crops that have been
And gone
Moved on
To the Store
Plant more

Dogs want attention
A word, a mention
It is Mary they adore
By her feet on the floor

‘Picking up’ for The Guns 
For those 2 legged ones
Many generations
Trained to work
Know their stations
Never did shirk

A look, a paw
Please pet me more

Glossy, shiny coat
Bark a happy note
Content and full of love
They seek that hand above

That gentle touch
That means so much
This is their sole
And only goal
To please, to be
Near enough to feel 
Mistress Mary’s knee 
Lay by her heel

Annette Abraminko (c) 2012