We did it!! We reached our £2000 Goal Fundraiser!

You all came through; thank you so much. £2000 is a hefty sum and will be put to excellent use at The Chilterns MS Centre in Wendover where men and women living with MS can receive many different therapies such a physio therapy, oxygen treatment, hydrotherapy, as well as acupuncture, reiki, massage, qui gong, yoga, group exercise, counselling as well as join art groups, meditation groups, play Botcha and try out new experiences in the “Give it a Go” sessions.

The Centre is a life line to many local people in the tri-county area of Bucks, Herts and Beds. It is a place to meet and share, build friendships and become part of the ever growing caring community, to build friendships and become actively involved, whether it be as a member, volunteer, carer, business sponsor.

Here’s what participants who attended one of the three Sound Baths offered on 7th September said about their Sound Bath experience. More that 2/3rds of the participants had never before experienced a Sound Bath, so for them this was something outside of their experience. The Sound Baths were made inclusive and barrier free.

Gong Baths Feedback – 7 September 2019

TheSoundSanctum asked participants to share their thoughts on their Sound Bath Experience and include information such as:

  • Their favourite instrument/the instrument they felt resonated most for them
  • Their thoughts and feeling after session vs before
  • Any physical or emotional changes they felt during the session
  • Any thoughts or feelings they have immediately after their group session

Here’s what people shared with us:

“Thank you for a wonderful experience today.  You took me on a journey that ultimately left me feeling healed and relaxed, in your safe hands and the safe environment.  My favourite instruments are the Shruti Box and of course the Gongs which created a very powerful experience for me. Grateful thanks for your giving today.”

“My favourite instrument was the Tongue Drum.  I found the experience very relaxing, I saw many colours and moving patterns.  I found myself falling into an in-conscious state (not asleep), possibly crossing over to somewhere but pulled myself back.  LOVED IT!”

“Liked all – Loved the Melodic Tinkly ones plus Gongs were amazingly grounding.  I was feeling unsettled before – picking people up getting here but felt peaceful at the end – was aware of physical sensations throughout my body – tingly – slight “pain” in areas that needed healing.  Very good session – well presented – very cleansing.”

“Lovely experience.  Found myself in a verdant glade and a jungle! Vividly at different times.  Now I have to connect with real life again!”

“I liked all of the instruments!  I particularly loved the gong and the shamanic singing – also the “water” music.  During any type of healing session I experience aching in my right buttock – this is where I have an ongoing sciatic condition.  This says to me hat healing is being directed to that region.”   

“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole session.  The hour and a half session seemed to pass very quickly.  The clock was an initial distraction but I soon drifted off into more peaceful realms.  Will definitely attend any future sessions.”

“I loved everything but the gongs particularly.  I was stressed before – then felt peace and calm rush over me.  I could see purple – violet flares cleansing aura.  A significant experience of 2 different black entities that were attached to me couldn’t tolerate the sound and were pulled off and away, following this my throat felt dry & tight then relaxed.  After that I drifted a little. Amazing experience!  Thank you so much.”

“A truly wonderful experience.  Having never experienced anything like this before I found it quite overwhelming.  The ocean sounding instrument transported me to the beach.”

“Absolutely stunning- the range of sounds and instruments are a joy for body and soul!  The gong and flute carried me off into a magical place!  Thank you!”

“New experience. I enjoyed it. As a wheelchair user maybe next time I’ll see if we can’t get a plinth  to transfer from sitting to laying position.”

“Reiki Drum – love it!  Thoughts before session were crazy/busy mind and afterwards – chilled, relaxed, calm.  Muscle tension eased lying flat on the floor; at the beginning I wasn’t flat.  Beautiful session.  Well done for making everyone feel welcome, relaxed and happy and for making this happen.”

“Wonderful – Absolutely wonderful.  Your energy oozes love and healing.  The sounds vibrate through your whole body.  I feel refreshed, calm, at Peace.”

“My favourite instrument sounded like a Harp. I felt sleepy and like I was on a journey.   I really enjoyed it and will recommend it to others.”

“My favourite instrument was the flute – it made me cry and made me feel freedom.  I saw waterfalls and peace.  Initially I was anxious and irritated and very conscious of my surroundings.  As the session progressed I felt different emotions, I saw the colour blue and felt the feelings of the oppressed and voiceless in the world. It made me understand the hope, change

and peace I want to see and how I’m connected to It & integral to bringing it to be.  Thank you – you allowed me to connect with myself. “

“The whole session felt amazing.  I saw different colours depending on which Sound was played.  I feel relaxed, hoping for an amazing sleep.  Thank you.”

“Liked all instrument.  Felt very relaxed and all my worries had gone away for a while.  Thank you for this amazing experience.”

“Every instrument -wow!  Amazing! The Gongs vibrates in my stomach bd felt as though I was floating.  So very relaxing!  I feel so calm after the session.  A huge thank you for introducing me to the magic of TheSoundSanctum!!”

“Deep gong.  Before the session I was slightly skeptical: post session: a highly relaxed convert! I am aware of giggling slightly during some of the “rainwater” effect.”

“My favourite  and most resonant instruments were the Harp and water stick and gong.  Before the session I felt tense and not knowing what to expect; after

“ I like it all.  I’m a felt fairly relaxed before and after the session I felt content.”

“I loved the gong that seemed to vibrate through my body and also the “sea” and the “stream” sounds.  I found it completely relaxing and wish I had brought a pillow for under my knees as my bottom was a bit numb after a while.  After the session I feel really uplifted and it cleared some negative feelings I had this a.m.  I would love to be on your mailing list for future sessions.”

“I liked the high pitched instruments that had the sound like that of a xylophone.  While the session was on, during the first half an hour I felt a strong pressing feeling on either side of the forehead and a bit in the middle.  I felt I need meditation and needed to focus my mind on the sounds/instruments.  For me the session was a bit too long when it hit one hour.”

“Gongs and pipes were our favourite.  Found those the most relaxing.  Feeling very calm and at peace now.”

“It was a combination of all the instruments but especially the Gongs and wind chimes.   Very relaxed after the session. Very glad to have this Experience.”

Some attendees shared with me verbally that they felt the peace of departed loved ones and saw something significant to them like an animal, bird, place, tree, flower etc.  They felt at peace and a great release.  One person mentioned to me a few days later that her tinnitus and blocked ear had just gone away with the Gongs.  Another remarked also that her ear problem had resolved itself.  Generally participants  felt totally at peace and in a harmonious and relaxed state following their experience.  The majority of participants had never experienced a Sound Bath before.

The room was silent as people slowly stretched and came back into the present moment.  The atmosphere was supporting and safe as each recollected their own personal experience.  Several people contacted me to say they had the most wonderful nights sleep!

TheSoundSanctum will be back!

£2000 Goal Reached! Fantastic Achievement!