“Lockdown” in March 2020 heralded the New Age of Awareness from Cradle to Grave.  Whether real or perceived, we are all touched in one way or another by the Tentacles of this Crown, The Corona Virus.

I have not been physically infected by the virus but have, as all of us, been physically restricted.  I am profoundly grateful for the Birds Singing in my garden, the Blue Sky, the Fresh Air, Less Traffic, a Pleasant Place to live, Fresh Food, Clean Water, my Instruments, My Family, Friends & Soul Tribe across the Globe.

I am missing the Physical Closeness and Contact with those I Love.  I feel Grief and Pain at Group Video Meetings unable to marry up Who I see with How I Feel.  My Brain computes but my Body feels Cheated.  This affects my Emotions which, along with my Etheric Bodies, Reach Out searching for my Tribe’s nearness.  Unable to Exchange Auric Energies physically near, it Retracts to a thin layer around my Physical Body to Protect & Work Within.

As a Human Being I am built to “Be” with my Fellow Humans in Harmony and Closeness of Community.  Across the Distance of Physical Loneliness, keenly felt even at 2 Metres, I AM NOW THE SEED IN THE OLD EARTH OF MY PHYSICAL VESSEL REDISCOVERING & RE-REMEMBERING INNER TRUTHS with Prayer, Gentle Meditation, Song & the Vibrational Awareness of All That Is.

Our Earth is Giving Herself in Beauty and Strength that we can Feel.  In turn We are Giving & Helping, Praying & Chanting, Working & Forgiving, Seeing and Feeling what our New Jerusalem IS when the Fear has a chance to Recede and Dissipate from the Group Consciousness, leaving only Love and Hope as our Corona Crowning Gifts!

It is Time to Be in Trust with One Another as One; to Give Lovingly & Receive Graciously to Share this Moment as One.  I am so Grateful for it All.  


Annette Abraminko at TheSoundSanctum.com

Audio Version of “Corona Gifts” – TheSoundSanctum

I hope you enjoy one of my “Corona Gifts” in form of this Meditation & others which may be heard on “TheSoundSanctum Video/Sound Clips” Page 

Corona Gifts