There’s a new member joining The Sound Sanctum in the form of a golden Feng/Wind Gong! This beautiful Gong arrived from Germany the day before yesterday and was resting patiently in its packaging until I could get help to unpack and place proudly inside The Sound Sanctum.

The Stand in the long package and the Wind Gong in the square package weighed 61 kilos!! I was so grateful that the delivery man Brett placed them upon the space I had cleared inside.

I restrained myself from tearing open the boxes until I had help. Just 24 hours later a trusted neighbour came to my aid and erected the stand placing this beautiful Gong ready for me to try out. This was the first time he had heard such sounds and listened in awe as he felt the vibrations throughout his body and surrounding space. It is beyond our limited vocabulary to describe the feelings that the gong invokes within us.

Feeling so grateful for my trio of Gongs each one so special and individual, coexisting in this beautiful space, each one performing great service to everyone who passes through the doors of The Sound Sanctum.

Golden Wind Gong