I received a wonderful Gift for The Sound Sanctum Fundraiser for the MS Centre;  A very special Angel in Human Form who’s a fellow Member and Oxygen Diver like me,  gave me £25 so that another member would be able to attend one of the three Sound Baths on Saturday.  The money has already paid for one of our members who would otherwise have been unable to attend and who is now booked in for a session!

If you are thinking you’d love to help the Fundraiser Event this Saturday, but can’t attend  or volunteer & love ? the idea of “Paying it Forward” for another person to attend, please let Fundraising at the Chilterns MS Centre or just let me know so I can put you in touch with the Fundraising Team so folks can be  booked in right away!  In this way you are not only raising money for The Chilterns MS Centre but you are giving a wonderful experience to someone who would not have been able to attend.  You generosity then ripples out further into the world and the person you Pay it Forward for can give you the pleasure of sharing their Sound Bath experience with you.  It’s a win:win:win situation.  

Don’t you just Love it when the Universe sends us Angels and has a plan that works for the greater good of everyone?

I believe in Angels!

???Feeling good at TheSoundSanctum.com & so very grateful for what we can co-create! ?

I Believe in Angels!