I have two lovely Gongs and a tale for each with its own unique back story.

My first Gong is made of stainless steel from ArtGongs. Back in 2011/12 when I wrote and published a suite of Poetry called “Words on Wings – Voice” & also accompanying CD, I had a lovely vision/dream journey/ thought of Soul Groups of 5 each surrounding long golden ladders of DNA. There were millions of them stretching out into the Velvety Vastness of the Universe and Beyond. This Vision I put into Art depicting one such group of 5 Souls. In 2018, as soon as I heard a particular tone from a particular Gong made by Michal Milas of Art Gongs, I had another such vision; this time expanded with Yin/Yang the souls surrounding that Symbol and the String of DNA moving in from top right and coming out bottom left. There were also Symbols far out surrounding that scene eg Six Pointed Star, Alpha, Omega, Infinity, Pyramid, Eye of Horus, Double Cross, The Sun & The Moon.

I called Michal the Artist and asked him if he could produce a Futuristic Yin Yang Gong with my Art Vision upon it. He became interested and excited and we worked on the plan to accomplish just that. Approximately three months later Michal’s Heart, Soul and Hands worked tirelessly to forge the Creation of my 92 cm Gong upon which he etched in My Vision.

I went on the journey to his workshop to collect this most Precious Piece of Vibrational Art and was overwhelmed by the Form, the Vibration, the Etching and Colours. Michal signs all his work on the back of the Gong and I noticed the date was not correct because we hadn’t reached it yet on the Calendar!!! So I asked Michal if he could possibly correct that. He looked puzzled and then looked at me and smiled exclaiming; “Well, you did ask for a Futuristic Yin Yang Gong so I must have been there in the Future for a Month as I was making it!” We both smiled and So It Is !

Michal Milas Art Gongs and Me

Later when I returned home and placed it within TheSoundSanctum I knew this Gong’s Energy was Male and I Named him in Ceremony CHAVA (English/Hebrew), ASHA (Hindi), ASHAR (Arabic) meaning, “Life of Hope, Trust,Faith & Wisdom”

Playing The New Gong for the 1st Time
Michal Milas playing ASHA


My Second Gong is a Chau Gong made from melted down Nepalese Sounding Bowls. It is a complete contrast to my Art Gong “ASHA”. Asha is shiny stainless steel with burnished out ring of Violet, Blue, gold and greens. I had been thinking about purchasing a second Gong to accompany and compliment the first. I had no idea what would appear. I had thought of a Planetary Gong made by Paiste of Germany; but which one, Sun Earth, Neptune or a Symphonic? I just did not know.

I had ordered some Flumis to use on Asha and they were to be delivered by Bear Love who designs and has them produced. Bear is a wonderful Human here on Earth, like Michal gifted and loving. The night before the delivery of the Flumis, I had a vivid dream. I dreamt in detail of the Gong which would be coming to me. It was of mixed metal, old looking with written symbols upon in slightly smaller than Asha but with a Deep and Royal Resonance and tone. I thought what a beautiful Dream it had been and I saw it in TheSoundSanctum.

I met Bear at one of his Gong Workshops where he brought his Giant Golden Gong for us to Hear and later Played! Bear arrived with his big truck where he carries his very large heavy Golden Gong.

Bear’s Giant Golden Gong.

My privilege to have a go.

He came through and I had made us a Vegan Veggie Soup to eat with bread. I tried out the Flumes on Asha, well pleased. Bear then proceeded to say that, he didn’t know why, but he had been asked intuitively to bring his well loved smaller Chau Gong with him as he had a thought about selling it and wanted to bring it inside. I of course agreed. I was in the kitchen when he hung it up on the frame and when I came back, I just gasped because here in front of me was the very Gong I had seen in my Dream in the night!! He just smiled and told me he wasn’t going to bring anything but was intuitively asked to bring this one. I played and from the very first strike if the mallet She belonged here with me in TheSoundSanctum and she’s been here ever since covered in Royal Red to protect her Chi.

My Chau Gong

It never ceases to amaze me how in tune with our Universal Consciousness we can each Be, simply by Standing in our own Vibrational Truth.


A Tale of Two Gongs